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Pest Control Gold Coast

ASAP Pest Control provides a fast response pest control and termite inspection service for residential and commercial clients. Based on the Gold Coast, we service clients from Byron Bay to Beenleigh. We can remove all types of household pests using the latest in pesticides and detection equipment. Available 24/7 for emergency infestations and pest control solutions. We aim we aim to provide the highest quality Pest Control on the Gold Coast utilising safe and effective pest control solutions. We can provide Pest Control services to suit almost any situation. Whether you need help with Spiders, Cockroaches, ants, rodents or termites. We have the experience and solutions to eradicate them!

Pest control services in accordance with Australian standards
Ants, cockroaches, rodents, fleas, silverfish, mosquitoes, wasps & spiders
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Pest control eradication services
Using pesticides that are safe for use around children and pets, we safely eradicate a wide variety of household pest problems including spiders, rodents, rats, mice, bed bugs, silverfish and more.
Termite Inspections
Using the latest in termite detection technology, we accurately identify if any termites are inhabiting your home or commercial property to provide effective termite control services throughout the Gold Coast.
Corporate and Commercial Pest control
We provide effective and professional pest and termite treatments for a variety of commercial clients from Byron Bay to Beenleigh. Providing commercial and residential pest control services.



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To make sure that you don't provide a welcome home to insects, you need to get assistance from an experienced team of pest inspectors and pest control experts. They will point out insect activity in your home, including holes made in timbers, nests made between timbers, usually in attics or garages, and other signs of insect activity. Once insects are spotted, we can take steps to remove them. Alongside regular methods of preventing insects, including regular cleaning and maintenance of the home, it is often needed to contact pest control experts in your area. We are proudly locally owned & operated, our team are professionally trained, licensed and fully insured to make sure we provide the best possible pest control service.