How Effective Is Termite Protection?

If you have found termites in your home or property or want to protect in advance against the threat that they pose, you will want to know how effective the termite treatment is going to be. This is because here in Australia, termites are the main hazard affecting our homes. Every year they do more damage to property than environmental hazards and fires put together, which is why you want to be certain that the treatment you receive is effective and long lasting.  We have never been defeated by termites and hold an enviable 100% success rate, so what makes our treatment so good? 

We Will Find Them

If you think that your property may have a termite infestation, you can contact us 24 hours a day. Our highly experienced termite inspectors use the very latest technology to find where the termites are and a fully licensed and trained in accordance with government regulations.

Using tools at our disposal such as thermal imaging technology among a host of detection equipment, we will thoroughly inspect your property and leave no stone unturned so that we can be sure of the full extent of the problem. A detailed report will then be provided, and our extermination team get begin their task.

Only The Best 

Over the years we have product field tested and learnt everything there is to know about our nasty neighbours. To eradicate them, we use a range of solutions that have a perfect success rate in giving you back your property.  We use the following solutions: Dusting, Foaming, Baiting and Chemicals.

For any structural building, wooden materials used are always at risk of a termite infestation. There are literally hundreds of different breeds of termite. Each type will target different timber in all conditions. Whether it is damp or dry wood, there’s a termite that’s happy living inside it. The problem with termites is, the damage they do is often behind walls and inside wood furniture and planks. The termites tend to go unnoticed until it is actually too late, and the permanent damage has been done. They can eat their way through trees and gardens, while plants can die from termite infestations.

Perfectly Successful, Perfectly Professional

Our team here at ASAP Pest Control adhere to the stringent health and safety rules and standards the Australian government provides and are fully licensed and insured to ensure you get the complete termite treatment. We have never been beaten by termites and we never plan on being due to our excellent treatments and diligent team.