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An ASAP Pest Control professional completing termite extermination at a home on the Gold Coast
All ASAP termite inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian standard: AS4349.3 - 2010. Our inspections are carried out by fully licensed and insured professional pest inspectors. Available 7 days a week and after-hours for emergency infestations. We use the latest in detection technology, including:
  • Drone inspections (by request for areas not accessible for safety reasons)
  • Termatrac T3i
  • FLIR thermal imaging camera
  • FLIR borescope
  • Tramex moisture meter
  • Multi-facet donger
ASAP Pest Control provides an electronic visual termite inspection report (AS3660) complete with colour photographs and a full, high-definition video of the inspection process. If any termite activity is found, we then provide you with a termite treatment proposal with our recommendation for resolving your termite problem.

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Termite Control Treatment

ASAP Pest Control uses the latest products and techniques to rid your property of termite infestations. We aim for complete colony eradication. However, in certain circumstances, we may recommend other courses of action.

We use the following termite extermination solutions:
  • Dusting
  • Foaming
  • Baiting
  • Chemical & physical barriers
termite inspections

Termite Protection

With 1 in every 3 properties in South East Queensland and Northern NSW having termites present, it's important that your property has effective termite protection. At ASAP Pest Control, we understand that all houses are constructed differently, so we offer various termite barrier system and protection methods, including:

  • Physical barriers
  • Chemical barriers
  • Termite baiting & monitoring systems
  • Self-monitoring baiting systems
  • Always active baiting systems
Termite Protection and treatment

Termite Monitoring


ASAP Pest Control specialises in the thorough and accurate monitoring of your termite baiting stations.

Termite baiting and monitoring systems need to be checked every 3 months for termite activity. If termites are found in the stations, ASAP Pest Control will conduct a baiting regime for complete termite extermination. We also provide a high-definition MP4 video of all active termite stations, so you can see our baiting system working first hand. In some cases, we recommend foaming inside the baiting stations, which acts on termites faster but does not have a 100% guarantee on colony eradication.

How often should you have a termite inspection?

As a general rule, your home should be inspected for termites once a year. There could be all sorts of pests hiding in your house that you don't know about. Termite extermination could cost you several thousand dollars. If you catch the problem early, you can help prevent structural damage to your home.

Do I need a termite inspection?

Termites often cause problems in homes, but it may not always be easy to detect an infestation. You may only consider having a termite inspection when you are in the process of buying a new home. However these small insects are such a problem that we recommend that you should have a termite inspection once a year.

You can usually spot infestation before termites can do too much damage to your homes foundation, however if you leave it too late these pests can cause extensive termite damage. Getting an annual termite inspection from a professional will ensure your home stays termite free and prevent a pest problem. If you think you may have termites or want to know what to do next, our Gold Coast pest control experts are here to help.

How To Get A Termite Inspection?

For more information and to arrange an onsite visit for your Gold Coast termite inspection, call our friendly team. We can help you find and get rid of termites quickly. We can help you with inspections, full reports, and the opportunity to use our treatments to remove any termites that we find.

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